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We have removed most mirroring accounts from our Friendica instance that we have created. These were zombie accounts pulling from RSS sources and reposting on the fediverse. There is no need to spam the fediverse and anyone can follow any RSS feed via our social network anyway.

We've also updated our TROM Videos and it is fantastic that there is a new feature which stops bots from registering. All accounts need to provide a reason why they want to join our platform, like our TROM Social already does, and these accounts are not public unless we manually approve them. This will cut down the spambots registrations by a huge factor. We were bombarded with several bot-made accounts daily.

We will make our TROM Videos more exciting this year, by creating more videos but also by trying to invite others to join the platform. This is where TROM II will be released, and not on Youtube mind you. We have to move away from the trade-based platforms like youtube, facebook, twitter and the like, to alternative ones that are trade-free like we provide via

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