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Reducing the working hours....

This is a study conducted between 2015-2019 - basically they reduced the salves' working hours from 40 a week to 35-36. A mere 4h less per week. Not per day, per week! And the results are "shocking":

""workers enjoying a boost to well-being, an improved work-life balance, and “a better cooperative spirit in the workplace.”""

Oh enslaving people a bit less is a bit better for them. They may feel better, more relaxed and's for sure an astonishing discovery.

How about, and I know this sounds "outlandish", but how about instead of creating mountains of waste every year (gadgets, electronics, food, clothes, and so forth), we give them to people so they don't have to enslave themselves to get them. And you fix 2 issues: waste and slavery.

Reducing the working hours in a trade-based society by 4h a week, is like reducing the war causalities by 10%. And yes you may say that's really good. Lots of saved lives. But that's besides the point. We need no wars. Like we need to jobs. These are primitive and outdated systems.

Human beings have no chance to change anything in this trade-based society if they think the above study/news is of any relevance.

We should provide for people with whatever they need, and as much as whatever they want. As trade-free. And then they will work but have no jobs. They will have the time, the motivation, the energy and relaxation, to engage in meaningful work that helps everyone.

Jobs are enslaving and idiotic mechanisms in an abundant society. #tromlive
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