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So I finished draft 4 of the book (a few weeks ago), then I had a couple of people read through it and give me some feedback. Now I want to edit a few more parts, do some fact checking, and find answers to all of my grammar questions. I have a nine-page document full of only bullet points of grammar problems/uncertainties. I worked on this list for a little while, then got overwhelmed and started gorging on ice cream to make myself feel better :D But of course, unless I want to change the name of my blog to Small World Big Sasha, eating ice cream is not a good solution to my problems! So I decided to take it easy, just do five or so grammar points per day, and get this done little by little. Be like the squirrel- :D

After that, I want to go through the book one more time, make a reference page, and still fix the conclusion. I never thought it would take me this long to finish this damn book but it is what it is. Just a little bit more to go..

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