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How to attach any files to

This is a tutorial about how to attach photos, videos or any files to any Notes using our (see more about the Notes app here

First, keep in mind that the developers behind this app (Standard Notes) are working on making this a lot easier in the near future. But for now you can do it this way (takes just a few minutes). Another thing to understand is that the files you add are also encrypted like all of your notes.

Step 1.

Activate and use the Bold Editor.

After you setup the Notes as explained at , you can activate the Bold Editor and use it for pretty much all of your notes. It is a great and feature-rich editor and the only one that is fully supported by the team behind this app.

2. Setup File Safe.

Click the FileSafe button:

You will see a window asking you to setup an integration. This means to setup an online device that can handle your photos storage. Click to integrate it or use this link . From that link click WebDav. And now go to step 3.

3. Create an account with our

We provide a Nextcloud instance with 3GB of storage for everyone. We recommend you to use that for your files in general, not just for this. Once you create an account there - go to Settings - Security and click "Create new app password". Add a name and then save your credentials (username and password).

Go to your Files - - and create a new folder for your Notes. Say you call it "tromnotes". In the same window, at the left bottom corner there is a Settings button. Click it to get the WebDav address.

4. Integrate with

Now go back to step 2 and in the WebDav configuration add that username and password that you just generated, add the folder name and the server address that you just copied.

And that's it! A unique code will be generated and you have to copy it back to your Notes app in the FileSafe popup window.

This may seem a bit complicated but it is a safe way of storing your files and now you will have 3GB of file storage. So you won't have to worry about attaching photos. And you can even attach videos! And all are previewed in the notes app.

To recap:

You basically have to connect with Make an account (if you don't have one already) at and create a new app password. Create a folder where you want to store the Notes' files and then grab the WebDav URL. Now that you have the credentials for the new App + the WebDav URL, is as simply as clicking the File Safe button in (or on any app that works with it) and click to integrate with WebDav. That's it. No more worries from now on.

This way you can make your notes better by being able to attach any type of file, not only videos and photos. Take advantage of this amazing Notes app as it is trade-free! ;)

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