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Why Friendica is the best, but not perfect

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Some typo corrections:
*Filter/block the posts based on language
*any Mastodon app/client should work with Friendica
*It is developed by
Wait, what? Do you mean any user on a Friendica instance can do that? If yes, how? Or is it an option that the admin has to activate?
Yes if the admin enables it. We have it enabled but I never tested it honestly.
I really want to look into this as well, what an awesome feature. I set it up in options but fumbling around to get it to work at the moment, I assume it's accessible under the mail icon ... hmmm
Sorry if this double posts, my last one disappeared.
Totally agree, Friendica is amazing except for a few things, the email client aspect looks amazing, but I haven't been able to figure it out just yet.
It would be really great if there was a UI sprint or something for Friendica, it would make a huge difference in attracting new users IMHO