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Now that I have a new laptop to install it is time switch to #VSCodium I guess and give #VSCode the bye-bye 👋

#Poll: Which of these code #editor softwares are you currently using for #development?

Here's info about differences between the two:

  • VSCode (15%, 22 votes)
  • VSCodium (20%, 29 votes)
  • Neither of those (57%, 84 votes)
  • VSCode, but I intend to switch (6%, 10 votes)
145 voters. Poll end: 3 months ago

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You mean for frontend development? I've been using Sublime Text for Typescript but would switch to VSCodium if I was serious about it (I'm mostly a backend dev, using PyCharm and PHPStorm).

AFAIK there is almost no functional difference between VSCode and VSCodium.
vim baby! It's bittersweet. And the sweet is still tipping the balance.
In my opinion Microsoft doesn't deserve that the FLOSS community advertises in some way their products.

VSCodium is still a MS product. Advertising it or contributing to it still helps MS to build a better image and a better product.

True, true, MS may contribute to open-source but mostly knows how to *exploit* open-source.

The vast majority of their products are still proprietary and not human friendly. And I think this is getting worse.

Let's not fall for the PR.
well there are some things that Microsoft did good. Typescript is a great example.

My biggest problem with Microsoft is that it's know from its approach to destroy competition. Look what happened to github. They bought it and now every piece of code there was used to train copilot.

They also can't buy OpenSource and Linux so what they try to do is to make community dependent on their software and leach on it. I personally don't put my new stuff on github.
I''ve graduated from "is there an open source alternative" to "is there a noncommercial alternative"
You might be interested in, they have a directory full of trade-free goods and services at

Trade-free means you don't need to trade your data (tracking), attention (ads), money (paywalled features), freedom (walled gardens), etc. for using a service.

@t0k @humanetech

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Also, have a look at the work done by CoTech:

They're a group of tech co-op's working on digital infrastructure for co-operatives, so they''re working with a lot of worker-owned organisations. 😁
BTW, I just wanted to point out that is a decentralized movement like how the FOSS movement is now. This means that anyone can be a part of it if they want. Most humanitarian organizations can be considered as trade-free because they provide people with goods/services without asking for anything in return. As long as the end product can be accessed without trading (ads, tracking, paid services, walled gardens, etc.), then its trade-free
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Thank-you for that link! A really interesting idea. The classical micro-economics I was taught claimed to be the study of the distribution of scarce resources.
Supposing resources are not scarce, there is still a distribution question for physical resources, which are subject to unequal geographical distribution.
Going to need to think more about this!

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Vim/Neovim folks raise your hand 🙋‍♂️

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Current shirt I'm wearing, just finished mowing my lawn:
Close-up of a white-bearded man wearing a black T-shirt with the :wq vim command

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Wow that's cool 😍

BTW, I always use ZZ to save and quit in vim, its easier for me that way :blobcatgiggle:

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Sublime Text for life. I've tried both VSCode/Codium but to me they don't stand a chance. Plus, I'm supporting a small company that has always had a sustainable business model.

I mean if you already vote for team editor (instead of an IDE)
You've heard the news of Atom getting abandoned by GitHub (a Microsoft company)?
Helix Editor ( Has a learning curve but I’ve never enjoyed coding more (and it’s very young and evolving).
oww, looks very good. What one can do in the #CLI. Though I prefer a GUI myself, this one should be added to #delightful-cli by @shellowl Care for a PR?

I PR'ed #Helix to the list:
cos that's an operating system.
Tried vscodium with c sharp plugins but i couldn't get it to debug nunit unit tests... it's been a while i didnt try though
yes, the linked article explains that those are the areas where you can get into trouble.. where particular MS plugins cannot be operated on #VSCodium.