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So Tio and I moved out of our apartment last week, unfortunately, but thanks to someone named Taras, we now have enough funds to feed ourselves and keep our projects alive for the next few months. Thank you so much Taras!

My plan hasn’t changed much. Right now, I’m finishing up draft 3 of my book- and I’m finally almost done! (This time really :D) I’ve put a crazy amount of work into this book over the past 2 years so now I’m pretty much sick of working on it :D Once I finish everything except the conclusion, I plan to go off into the Pyrenees Mountains and hike to the Atlantic. After that, I’ll come back, finish the conclusion, take one last look over the book, and then I’ll finally publish it. Whew. Then I’ll figure out some way to make some money so that Tio and I can keep our projects going without getting all stressed out all the time :)

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