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Part 1 of the documentaries I highly recommend:These documentaries are shocking, amazing, mind blowing, some are funny, others are very weird :D. All are great! #tromlive
Wow, that's a massive list. I wasn't expecting that 🙃
im sorry :D

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Someone new to the project asked me what is TROM about, and I tried to explain it as such (is a bit long, but maybe worth sharing here):

This is a project started in 2011. We have more info here but it grew a lot in terms of materials for the past several years. So we have many books, videos, and all kinds of tools.

If I were to describe the project in a few paragraphs (sorry this is a bit long), I'd say that the project is about showcasing how our world-wide society is, at its core, a trade-based society (from China to US, from Cuba to Europe, from socialism, communism, or other isms that were ever implement); And this trade-based society gives rise to most of the problems we see in the world today: climate change, waste, slavery, bad products, corruption, and so on.

What are the world's biggest problems? Climate change, corruption, destruction of the environment, waste, pollution, slavery, and so on. What creates these problems? Humans. What makes humans do these bad things? The environment. What part of this environment? Mostly the trade-based society we all live under.


Humans wake up in the morning to go to some places and do something there (we call those "jobs"), in order to receive something else in return (food, a shelter, access to goods and services, etc.). They do that for most of their lives. Basically they trade their energy, time, skills and so on, to get food, shelter, internet, healthcare, etc. We use money to represent these trades, but that's arbitrary. Could be bictoin, tokens, gold coins or whatever.

Now, if you look at pretty much everything humans do, it revolves around trades. Jobs take some 8h or more a day, 5 days a week. So, most of people's lives. The internet is a place where humans also trade their data, currency, and attention to websites that mine their data, put ads into their faces, or hide features or content behind paywalls.

In other words, if I am a human on this planet, I wake up every morning, go to my job for 8h, and do that for 5 days a week. I traded 8h of my life to get access to my needs and wants, out of 24h (with 8h sleeping). I have 8h as my free time. In between and after I am done with my job, I use my computer/smartphone to read the news, "socialize", talk to others, watch stuff, listen to stuff (movies, podcasts, articles, websites, netflix, facebook, youtube and the like). All of this time I am giving them my data, attention and at times currency to be able to access these. So, 8h at a job, 8h sleep, and a bunch of other hours online trading for entertainment, information, services. Plus spending time in traffic and dealing with bills and stuff, all because of the trade-based society's rules.

Job + Internet + societal duties = most of my day I trade.

Yes, I also enjoy those videos, talking to friends at work, learn and so forth, but they are all like flowers growing from the soil of trade. Meaning: when I use Facebook, since this is a platform I trade with, the contents I see, the people I follow, are driven by Facebook's algorithm and all they want is me spending more time there watching those ads, producing data that they collect, or buying the stuff they promote. It's like a supermarket that pretends to be a library.

So basically pretty much all that I (human on this planet) consume and do, is directed by trades and people I am trading with. Like a movie director directing my life. Therefore my wishes, my dreams, what excites me or triggers me, are all emerged from this trade-based society that I fed my brain with on a daily basis.

And the same way that we see Facebook's practices as bad, trapping people into an endless stream of nonsense content for the purpose of mining their data/currency/attention, pretty much all business practices are as bad, since they always want something from you and that makes them lie, exaggerate, deceive in order to make you their customer and keep you their customer.

Airline companies, taxi companies, pharmaceutical companies, food producing companies, you name it; all probably are corrupt and as good as "facebook", and if some are not, they will probably become.

So, we are showcasing how in the end this trade-based society makes human beings behave really bad and how it consumes them, and how it creates most of the problems we see in the world today. And our approach is to provide trade-free goods/services as much as possible, so that we remove this environment form people's life, little by little.

Sorry that was long. But this is a big project. I recommend you this book of ours, where we explain all of this in detail

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I think maybe this is better?
"Trom is about showing\educating that our trade based society is damaging humanity in many ways, and solving this by presenting trade-free goods\services to glide over time into a trade-free society."
I would always try to kinda avoid using the term "trade-free society" since it sounds too utopian. But thanks I get your suggestion ;)

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Our latest TROMCast about deplatforming can be watched here or here . It got suddenly interrupted at 1:30 , we do not know why, maybe my (Tio) internet connection dropped for a second. We recorded a second part and merged them all in one single video. Enjoy! #tromlive

TROM-Cast 64: Deplatformed!

We are talking about this new word "deplatforming" and what are the implications of it. How a few companies can mute anyone they want, and what repercussions does it have.

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If you want to help with

To explain it a bit: we want to create a trade-free alternative to Unsplash and eventually Video blocks and the like. We want users to upload original photos and eventually videos of all kinds. Like nature, objects, places, etc.. The platform we use makes is so easy to rename each item, add to folders and create folders, or tag each item.

So, create folders, drag and drop photos to them. Make each folder Public please, and enable "original" and "downloadable". Disable the rest. See these options in the folder's visibility (the eye icon top right corner).

To make this work, we need to properly name and tag each item, so we make them easy to find and categorize. So please do that as much as you can. You can select multiple items by click-and-hold + drag. And can edit multiple at once. You can also use the keyboard to navigate through the photos, press R to rename, T to tag.

That's pretty much it.

A reminder, all content from will be trade-free, meaning purely free. Anyone is free to use it as they wish. There are no licenses because that means restrictions. In other words, anyone can use these materials without trading (giving back) anything to us. We don't want their currency, attention, recognition, or whatever.

For now, if you want to upload videos, please limit them to under 200-300MB. We are still in testing mode.

If anyone wants to help, please let me know and we will create an account for you ;). #tromlive
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We want to release a trade-free alternative to Unsplash, videoblocks and the like. A huge gallery of free to use videos and photos. We have tested it and so far so great, but for now it will be invitation-only so if there is any of you out there who is passionate about taking photos or making videos, please tell us so we can give you access. All that we will upload there will be free to use for any purposes: trade-free in other words. So, there is your chance to make things just a little better in this world, by taking interesting photos and adding them to our Trade-Free Media directory ;). #tromlive

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yes, I could.
Sounds great! I'll get back to you later today or tomorrow with more details. Thanks! ;)

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Most people use services like Google, Facebook and the like because its free - you don't have to pay for them. I mean, Google maps and whatsapp don't even have ads on it. You might've also heard that Google chrome is (mostly) open source - Awesome, right ? ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

Well, these companies are still trading with you. You have to trade your data, attention, time etc. for using their services :(

Let me introduce you to "free as in trade-free" -
Follow them at @trom

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Ladies and gents, we are releasing yet another service for our! A real and quite complete trade-free alternative to Google Docs - read more about it here . Create documents in seconds + kaban + polls + whiteboards. You don't even need an account, unless you want to save your work for more than 3 months. Everything is fully encrypted. Share, comment, work collaboratively. Take advantage of it! #tromlive #tromimg

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Poke 👉 @cryptpad

💪 thousands of times
I don't see how I can sign up, it doesn't seem to process what I enter

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Our FInteresting category on TROMnews is back! - it is a mix of very interesting SubReddits, such as Showerthoughts, Data Is Beautiful, Ask Science, Today I Learned or Explain Like Im Five. The great part is that we use teddit for the job, a trade-free reddit browser. So when users click any of the cards in FInteresting, they can read the post and comments in a trade-free way. Awesome! If Teddit will become a @yunohost package we will implement it on our ;). We would like to do the same for our curated videos and pull them from our Invidious instance. We could do that, but out plugin does not support pulling feeds from Atom, only from RSS and Invidious only offers Atom feeds. If you know any other very interesting SubReddits let us know. #tromlive

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You could also use instead of teddit for a more modern view
They do not provide an RSS feed - and teddit's RSS is very robust it seems. We need that to pull the items to our newsfeed.

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Great documentary! Highly recommend it! 8 hours of fun-history about how money pretty much influences everything. Ideas like communism, socialism, capitalism, whatever ism, and theories about left, right, democracy and so on, are useless. Money drives the world. Or, if you are clever, replace "money" with "trade" so you encompass all of the trades: cryptocurrencies, direct trades, laws and social credits, data collection or the attention economy, and so forth. Yah so Curtis talks about what we are voicing for years now. But the explanation with trade makes a lot more sense and is easier to understand and do something about. I recommend this documentary! #tromlive
Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Love, power, money, ghosts of empire, conspiracies, artificial intelligence – and You.

An emotional history of the modern world by Adam Curtis.

Watch it here:

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The latest Adam Curtis documentary is now on for free ;) - enjoy 8h of a very unique documentary. #tromlive


Love, power, money, ghosts of empire, conspiracies, artificial intelligence – and You. An emotional history of the modern world by Adam Curtis.
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The Steve Irwin Story (trailer)

Watch it trade-free at Steve Irwin's impact far exceeded his hit series The Crocodile Hunter. Chronicling his childhood to his time as a global icon, those who knew him best reflect on the remarkable life of the man, father, husband and wildlife conservationist.
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Follow almost anyone online! Facebook, Mastodon, Peertube, Youtube, websites...

!Tips and Help (


Go to your Contacts (1) and copy-paste a website's url (link):

That should be enough and should detect the RSS feed. If not, find the RSS feed of the website, usually adding "rss" or "feed" after the url as such:


You can follow and interact with pretty much any federated network: Peertube, Mastodon, Friendica, Diaspora, Pixelfed, etc. Same as above, copy the url of a profile and paste it into the contacts (2). For example to follow our TROM Peertube channel copy our Peertube channel ID from here:

It will look something like this Now copy it into the same contacts form (2).


You can follow public pages/profiles/groups. To do that, we need to grab the RSS of those. Use our tool for the job. Here's step by step:
  • Go to the Facebook page/profile/group you want to follow. Copy the ID (name). For example for our TROM Facebook page (that we don't really use) the url is: so the page name is "tromproject". Make sure you copy it exactly as it is in the url (with capital letters if there are any).
  • Go to and search for Facebook. You should see this (select Main Site):

    Click "show more" and you'll have this simple block that is self explanatory:
  • Paste the Facebook ID into the proper form, and click HTML. Now you will see a new page with the RSS feed of that Facebook ID, as such:
  • Lastly, right click the MRSS button, then "Copy link location" (so you can copy the link of that button), and then paste it again into your contacts (2) as you did for any other contact.
All of this is a very fast and simple process in fact: grab a Facebook page/profile/group ID (name), create an RSS feed using our, and copy the MRSS link into your contacts. Done!

It is the same exact process for Twitter, Youtube, and pretty much any website that is not friendly enough to easily provide an RSS feed.

Therefore, using + you can interact and follow pretty much anyone online, without having an account on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or even Peertube and the like. Take advantage of it!
Yeap, I did it, created a "news" user but is clogging my global notifications, I will be trying different options, thanks a lot!
When you make a News page that auto posts from an RSS source, the way Friendica works is by pulling a bunch of the latest posts form the RSS, and jamming that into the newsfeed :D - I know is not pleasant but is just for the first time you add it. Then it will calm down and only display the new posts.
Perfect, let me see how it works, I restricted no to publish publicly👍

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Great TROM-Cast last night-

This one was about our new project

Great job with this project @Tio and @Alexio I really love it! :)

63. ( is a new TROM project.

What is so special about it? It has the balls to provide trade-free alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Spotify, and more.

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A new TROMjaro ISO is out - not much, just updates mainly + adding our services to Privacy Redirect ;). #tromlive

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Our friends at TROM have launched their new Trade-Free Project -...

Image/photoThe Zeitgeist Movement Global
Our friends at TROM have launched their new Trade-Free Project -…. The project will provide alternatives to the dominant, corporate online platforms which control much of our information and ideas today, and highlight critical understandings for a more sustainable world.

This project is without ads, data collection and profit motive, and is open source to the world for participation & input.

Working to organize and network our communities, resources, and onl...ine platforms in a "trade-free" way will be critical in facilitating the needed sharing/revolutionary shift away from our Trade based, competitive society and the dysfunction and oppression it generates.

#beyondcapitalism #TROM #sharerevolution #tradefree #newsocialmedia #collaborative #TZM #openaccess
Mehr ( is a new TROM project. What is so special about it? It has the balls to provide trade-free alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Spotify, and more. * Sick of Facebook? Use * Tired....5827f339f207be81b5e7e341f6e67d8d?

63. ( is a new TROM project. What is so special about it? It has the balls to provide trade-free alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Spotify, and more. * Sick of Facebook? Use * ( is a new TROM project. What is so special about it? It has the balls to provide trade-free alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Spotify, and more. * Sick of Facebook? Use * Tired....

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Our first stream on Peertube worked perfectly fine! So awesome!

Quality super crisp. Streaming super fast. Conversion really fast. Only downside is the the 1080p file is some 5.4GB :D. Maybe I should tweak my OBS Studio settings a bit so we don't get that monster. On Youtube the same video in 1080p is 5 times less the size. Anyone knows why? How is Youtube so good at compressing video files?

Anyways all worked great. I am so happy! #tromlive

63. ( is a new TROM project.

What is so special about it? It has the balls to provide trade-free alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Spotify, and more.

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Interesting....maybe you internet speed is very slow? Did you try 720p?
Use that "gear" icon right side of the player

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Hey people of the great Fediverse :) - We are releasing a new project that you might find interesting (we worked a lot on) -

In essence we provide free alternatives to Youtube, Facebook, Google Search and the like. And we release today. We even have a live about it in a few hours -

Here's the list o what we provide:
  • Friendica with open registrations and we plan to keep it open forever
  • Nextcloud with 3GB storage + ability to add external storage; together with Only Office and a few other tools
  • Peertube with unlimited uploads (restricted to 2GB a day so we don't blow up the server) + Live + video conversion + a few plugins
  • SearX that we fine tuned to be as relevant as we could make it
  • Lufi to send files up to 3GB and 7 days storage
  • Etherpad with open access
  • Diagrams
  • RSS Bridge
  • Framadate
  • Libre QR
  • Invidious and Bibliogram
  • Our own Music player/services as a desktop alternative to Spotify
There are no ads, no data collection, no premium accounts. Purely free.

Would be great if you can share it - it is after all for everyone ;)

@Michael Vogel @Hypolite Petovan @Tobias @Eugen @utzer @Humane Tech Now @LinuxLounge @Steffen K9 🐈
and who pays your bills ?
We do. We get help through donations since 2013 for our main project. We also have a Liberapay account and would encourage people to support if they can - we need more support.
I think calling is not supported on #Metronome in #Yunohost and even using xmpp without fail2ban for large user base is dangerous.
Keep it simple and use apps without LDAP for now.

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63. ( is a new TROM project. What is so special about it? It has the balls to provide trade-free alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Spotify, and more. * Sick of Facebook? Use * Tired of Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Docs? Use * Is Youtube censoring your videos? Use * Too many ads on Google Search or other search engines? Use * Is Wetransfer too limited and full of ads? Use * Want to quickly create a collaborative text-document? Use * Want an online powerful Diagram editor? Use * Want to follow Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Youtube accounts or playlists, or any website without an account? Use to generate an RSS feed for any. * Want to quickly create a meeting or a poll? Use * Do you find QR codes useful? Create them with * Is Youtube too annoying? Use it trade-free with * Is Instagram too annoying? Use it trade-free with * Want to listen to music but Spotify costs money? Use And we will add more such services/apps. Please consider helping us financially so we keep on fighting the fight -
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