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So? Thoughts? I am still thinking that Matrix is a very good alternative to all messengers out there. Has it all. Sure, the criticism is valid that they rely so much on so does mastodon on a few instances and the rest of the fediverse. Is it resource hungry? sure...but so are many other federated platforms...

Am probably going to make our Matrix instance public and who knows maybe we will move our chats there....I see so many open source projects using is a way to also connect with them.
matrix is the best messager, it is available on any known platform, it has reasonably good encryption, bridges, federation, you dont need to buy a throwaway number just to sign up.
Criticisms aside, I still think that matrix is way better than mainstream apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger etc. So I'm fine if you're going with it. Also note that matrix is a new project, so given enough time it may become more stable and have more clients like XMPP.

Also if you're going with the more resource hungry protocol, consider using the extra features matrix offers - like bridges between other platforms and stuff like that.