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Interview about TROM and the tradefree idea

A couple weeks ago I had an interview from an organisation called Helfa about TROM and the trade-free idea. I am very happy to be able to answer some questions and present these very important projects/ideas.
It was my first interview and I was a bit excited, so I said many ehms, and the video and audio quality are not that great. But I can work on that and improve this for next time :)
The interview was in german and if anyone is interested, here's the link:
Let's see how we can push this movement further and reach more people.
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in reply to Aaron

Awesome job Aaron! People can enable the auto generated sub in eng. It is decent. Great job again!
in reply to Tio

@tio I don't see any English subs below that video, lol 😅 But I'm sure it was good, Aaron gives off a calm positive vibe in all of his videos 🙂
in reply to Rokosun

You have to use youtube, click the gear icon and choose auto-generated subtitle.
in reply to Tio

@alexio uploaded the video to Peertube with automatic translations in various languages, so I was able to watch it there -

The automatic translation wasn't that great but you can still kinda figure out what they're saying.