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The unfortunate reality: 9 out of 10 Friendica registration attempts are spam/bots, and almost 10 out of 10 for our Peertube instance. Who can I blame? Our trade based society that incentivizes us all to trade trade trade. Forced and incentivized to sell shit non stop. We can't stop these with anti-spam tools, or asking people to be nice.... This society breeds more of these creatures.

We have an aggressive anti-spam tool for our Peertube. Yet daily we get spambos registering. We have a manual approval system for Friendica, yet it gets overwhelming if I, one admin, need to figure which ones are spambos, which ones are not.

The reason I scream about this trade-based society on a daily basis, is because it breeds most of these bad behaviors we see: from spambots to polluters, awful content to badly made products, waste to name it.

So those that are angry about spambots need to understand that they originate from the same core issue as most of our problems in today's society. TRADE!