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"Tax details of US super-rich allegedly leaked" -

Of course the rich are not paying the taxes, or pay very little of. It is not the fault of the government, not the billionaires' fault either. It is no one's fault. It is this trade-game, this monopoly cardboard, that we all play. This game will make someone like Bezos not willing to pay the "fair" share of their taxes since that means a huge loss for him, despite him being a multi billionaire. For every player, there are competing players in this game of trade. You compete with your neighbor, Bezos competes with Musk. Playing "fair" will make you a loser, so why would you!?

It is beyond ridiculous to accuse any human, when the game of trade is such a powerful driver of bad behaviors. Unless we change the game, we will change nothing. And to change the game, we must at least start by understanding it. #tromlive
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