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Some very bizarre things

!Friendica Support So I messaged, a user on my instance, via Friendica. We both are on the same instance, both on Friendica. And guess what, the message went to a random user that's on Diaspora... The user was of course very confused. What in the world has happened and how can we figure it out? :D

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Interesting. Can you reproduce this?
I can. Can you try it somehow too?
@Tio@Michael Vogel I also had this problem when I tried to send a private message to a user of my instance, a user who was not my connection.
Instead, the message was sent to the last user I had had a private conversation with!
Probably, the problem lies in the function that aggregates private messages...
You can only send private messages to a user you are connected with. Reworking of that interface is planned - and indeed it is really needed. This is one of the oldest parts of the code that is not reworked by now.
I have friended the user before contacting him. In any case, it is a big issue if the message is sent to other users. Should not allow you to send it in the first place. But is ok, we should have patience and hopefully you guys can figure this out. I wish I had the know-how to help you.
@Michael Vogel
Thank you for your answer! You were very clear
Grazie per la tua risposta! Sei stato chiarissimo
cc @Poliverso Forum di supporto

I tried to send a direct message to @Michael Vogel , but it was sent to a different user.

That user was not a random user, but the last user that was reported to me in the notification panel as he was the last user who had mentioned me in chronological order

This reminds me of a similar bug signal messenger had -

I hope they fix this issue soon 'cause it affects the privacy of users.
Yup awesome that they fixed it so fast. These guys are really great
@Tio Yes: immediately correcting a problem as critical as that of the wrong recipient is a significant sign of vitality for the whole community of Friendica developers. ✌️
@Informa Pirata

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