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Just so everyone knows, boobs and genitalia are not bad. They can cause a lot of pleasure. Penises too. And overall the naked human body.

Therefore we won't remove any video from our Peertube instance just because some people are too sensitive to the naked body. You know, you too heave one. Enjoy it!

Guns, poverty, wars, violent games, ads, and so forth, are the ones we should stay away from and consider unacceptable. Not the naked human body.

That was a video from @toplesstopics and its not even porn, like its just a video of her talking about a photoshoot she did which contained some artistic nudity. I don't understand why people are so afraid of human skin, no one's forcing them to watch.

That being said, if videos from an account is showing up even after banning then that's probably a bug that needs to be reported to #Peertube. Asking the admin of another instance to take the video out is not the way to solve this issue.

Cleo of Topless Topics reshared this.

jeez. Thanks for not being a puritanical American jerk. Your peertube instance is one of the incredible minority of platforms online, big and small, that allows nonsexual nudity but NOT porn and NOT violence and hatespeech...until that someday-maybe idyllic future where major corps decide it's more profitable to support progressive causes like gender-equal anti-censorship instead of making superstars out of right-wing hatemongers, I will be forever grateful to you for giving me a "safe space" to upload my heinous nonsexual female nipples to!

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