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New video about my thru-hike-

Getting hot! And closer to the end! :D

GR11 thru-hike, Day 50-51- Getting Hot!

Days 50-51 of my thru-hike across the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain!

I started the day walking up some ski pistes west of Candanchú, then walked up and down some dry mountains taking a variation of the GR11 towards Refugio de Lizara. On my 50th night, I camped at Humedal de Plana Mistresa. Then on day 51 I walked past Ibon de Estanes (a beautiful lake), then down to Rio Aragon Subordan and camped across Refugio de la Mina (which was abandoned).

The days are getting hotter and hotter but I’m getting closer to my final destination- the Atlantic Ocean! 😄

“Gimme Love” by D Jay Koi
“Let's Have Some Fun” by Grégoire Lourme

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