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"Historic Power Plant Decides Mining Bitcoin Is More Profitable Than Selling Electricity"

This power plant is "experimenting" with mining Bitcoin. For now. In the future it may very well be used entirely for that. These are our current values: whatever makes you more profit, is better. And it is understandable in a trade-based society. It's all about that trade....'bout that trade....

In our world cost-efficient does not mean energy or resource efficient. It simply means cost efficient. So if a power plant is more "efficient" in this "cost" context, to mine Bitcoin because they can make greater profits, then anyone is tempted to go for that.

This insanity is ridiculous. And those who propose that mining cryptocurrencies should rely more and more on renewable energies, are as idiotic as those who may propose that guns should be more eco-friendly. We do not need any: guns or cryptocurrencies.

Are humans ever going to wake up from this deep sleep mode? Are they gonna ask simpler questions like: what do we really do on this planet? Are they ever going to sit down and think about what is this society? Probably not. Everything is traded in this society, and time+attention is one of those assets. If your job doesn't take that away from you, then your phone is.

Jobs+Facebook/Insta/TikTok+Youtube+Ads+Shopping+Netflix+Supermarkets+Spotify+.... there is no way humans can understand the water they live inside, when the water currents are so strong they have to always swim somewhere.

Those who think that cryptocurrencies are different than money, are clueless about what a currency is. #tromlive
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I'm sure you read this article about the rising lake temperatures in lake Seneca due to mining from another local powerplant, disgusting!
Well...what can I say...utterly retarded.