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Hey people of the great Fediverse :) - We are releasing a new project that you might find interesting (we worked a lot on) -

In essence we provide free alternatives to Youtube, Facebook, Google Search and the like. And we release today. We even have a live about it in a few hours -

Here's the list o what we provide:
  • Friendica with open registrations and we plan to keep it open forever
  • Nextcloud with 3GB storage + ability to add external storage; together with Only Office and a few other tools
  • Peertube with unlimited uploads (restricted to 2GB a day so we don't blow up the server) + Live + video conversion + a few plugins
  • SearX that we fine tuned to be as relevant as we could make it
  • Lufi to send files up to 3GB and 7 days storage
  • Etherpad with open access
  • Diagrams
  • RSS Bridge
  • Framadate
  • Libre QR
  • Invidious and Bibliogram
  • Our own Music player/services as a desktop alternative to Spotify
There are no ads, no data collection, no premium accounts. Purely free.

Would be great if you can share it - it is after all for everyone ;)

@Michael Vogel @Hypolite Petovan @Tobias @Eugen @utzer @Humane Tech Now @LinuxLounge @Steffen K9 ­čÉł
Maybe @disroot , @Amushi :blobcatpopr: or @Snopyta are also interested ;)

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Congrats on your hard work and dedication. I'm interested in trying it out. Previously I saw no sign up form in the website for some reason, but now I can see it.

@utzer @heluecht @Gargron @hypolite @tobias @humanetech @steffen @LinuxLounge
Thanks! We do not have a single sign-on. If possible we will add one but is something we did not test. Click any service and create an account on each.
Since you claim your friendica will have "no bans", won't it get full of spam, neonazis, religious extremists and child abusers?
We hope not...but we will see. Thing is if we start banning where do we draw the line? On top of this, people have tools to stay away from these "bad" things. But lets see how it evolved. We really want no bans and I'd rather combat the nonsense on the platform, with some sense. Like I'd flood them with science haha.
I really like the "more info" box about these services. It explains the service really well, with relevant screenshots and all. Good job ­čĹŹ
@utzer @heluecht @Gargron @hypolite @tobias @humanetech @steffen @LinuxLounge
Thanks! We plan to make a page for each. Will see ;)
About the services itself, they're all really nice open source tools. And your customized interface looks very well. My only request here would be to make these customizations more optimized for mobile. I know that you're not a big fan of mobiles, so its fine if you don't prioritize it. Just do it when you have the time/motivation to do so ­čśü. Also all your other sites are well optimized for mobile, so I hope this'll reach there with time.

Trade-free self hosting is an act of compassion ÔŁĄ
Thanks! And yes I will optimize them for mobile too, but for the next weeks I'll be busy with a lot of other stuff. But is on my list. I understand! ;)
Congrats to the launch! And I see you already on!

Now only #XMPP is missing... ;-)
XMPP is what I have to deeply look into. Heard about it a lot but never had the time/motivation to dig deep into. But for sure we will! We have just started ;)
@Tio @Ingo J├╝rgensmann is it running Yunohost, then it has xmpp running anyway, it some as a default for each domain.
Yes ynh, but am not sure xmpp is configured properly with any domain. I don't even understand xmpp that well tbh. I know is a communication protocol like email but a lot more complex.
@Tio @utzer Well, relax from your past work, enjoy your launch and when you have some spare time again, I'll happily advocating XMPP to you. :)
@Tio @Ingo J├╝rgensmann there is usually no config needed, just set the needed DNS records as YunoHost suggests for at least only domain. Preferably for, it does not need to have the A or AAAA record pointing to the server, but it is easier if that is the case.
We could add the JavaScript XMPP Chat to Nextcloud.
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I think is best for now at least, to keep our "files" as files without chats. To be geared for files rather than chats. But please add it to our Deck ;) - we can keep track of these over there for sure! I also love and I plan to test it more, alongside Hubzilla.
@Alexio Of course, you can also add that JS XMPP Chat to Nextcloud, but before that it would be good to think about it a little:
- What domain you want to use for XMPP?
- What XMPP server you want to use (ejabberd (more simple, robust) or Prosody (more versatile, difficult to setup/choose the correct modules, except when using Snikket docker image))
- Do you plan to share credentials with other services of your?

For example, I run several XMPP domains such as, or have it connected to my Friendica site on or my Mastodon instance on, so everyone with an account there can use XMPP for free as well. This might especially of interest when WhatsApp will put their new ToS into action in some weeks.

So basically we can have an xmpp domain that anyone can use to create xmpp accounts as simple as that? As I said, this is really new to me.
@Ingo J├╝rgensmann YunoHost comes with Metronome, it is usually fully interegrated with the other services, so same login if the services utilize the single signon. But Yujoahost also has Synapse and Element as optional services, 5 mimutes and they are up and runing. @Tio @Alexio
@Ingo J├╝rgensmann @Tio @Alexio any YunoHost user can use XMPP with its credentials, same credentials as for email or Matrix (Synapse) or NextCloud. In the usual setup.
Yup I understand that, but how to allow anyone to simply register an xmpp account with us?
@Tio @utzer @Alexio There is a install instruction in Friendicas doc/ However this "howto" assumes that your ejabberd and your Friendica are both on the same server.

If they are not, you can use http authentication within an external auth script in ejabberd to authenticate against <yourFriendicaURL>/api/account/verify_credentials.json. I use a modified Python script fro Mastodon & ejabberd.

So, registering an XMPP account is then basically done by registering a Friendica account. Basically there are tons of other ways to authenticate like via SQL, LDAP, PAM, or whatever...

If you want to provide a standalone XMPP service, it's much easier. The easiest way would be to allow in-band registration. Unfortunately there will be spammers abusing this straight forward method. So, the next level would be redirecting to a webpage with a captcha to solve. Both ejabberd and Prosody will provider web based registration. Another possible solution will be invite codes as used by Snikket XMPP server.

But as already stated: take your time, enjoy the launch of and offer XMPP on top of your services at a later time.
@Ingo J├╝rgensmann

I have contemplated adding ejabberd to my own Friendica instance but haven't so far because I don't know how much resources it would consume. What is your experience on resource usage/requirement for ejabberd?
@Mathias Hellquist XMPP is a very lightweight protokoll, compared to e.g. Matrix. Some people run their XMPP servers for their families on Raspberry PIs.

My ejabberd is running on a seperate virtual server, using the database (Postgresql) on another virtual server, but you can also use MySQL as your database backend for ejabberd.
In the beginning I started with 1 GB RAM for that virtual server. Adding such things like STUN/TURN and Jitsi Meet on that server made me raise the memory to currently 4 GB, but the real memory usage is about 1-1.5 GB for all.

Memory usage also depends on how many XMPP sessions there will be in parallel. On I do have like 730 users registered, like 200 monthly active users and about 10-20 users are using XMPP.

So, only for XMPP I would say you'll need between 200-500 MB memory. CPU usage is neglectable, compared to Friendica and MySQL.

As said in the beginning: ejabberd is very lightweighted...
@Ingo J├╝rgensmann Ah cool. Yeah, my Friendica instance only has one user (me) so that would probably not add too much overhead. For me it is more about being possible to contact me via "any" protocol. Sounds great, I have been tweaking my Friendica server (nginx/mysql tuning, NVMe SSD's etc) quite a bit over the last week, and now it feels even faster/snappier than Facebook/Twitter whilst also lowering resource usage, so figured I could probably put some more things on that server without breaking it. 2 vCPU/2GB ram.
@Mathias Hellquist Yeah, 2 GB for a single user should be way enough. You could register somewhere a normal XMPP account and join in to the ejabberd/XMPP chat rooms where you can get some help in setting it up, but it's really straightforward when reading the official documentation (and not random HowTos on the Internet). :)
@Ingo J├╝rgensmann ah yes, I already do have a "regular" ( account. I have only used it for testing single e2ee communication though, I actually didn't know that XMPP had support for groups. Now I have to work out where those groups are, hehe.

It should be noted I'm doing all of these set-ups and tweaking etc because I'm interested in how it all works etc. It would probably be simpler to just "join" things at different places, but hey, where's the fun in that? :D
@Mathias Hellquist Some clients implement a chat room search function, for the others you need to manually search on
We have to look into these for sure. We barely started we can't overload ourselves too much but we will for sure provide a lot more such services ;)
Then I will test the 3 separate YunoHost apps: Converse, Movim, Biboumi.
and who pays your bills ?
We do. We get help through donations since 2013 for our main project. We also have a Liberapay account and would encourage people to support if they can - we need more support.
I think calling is not supported on #Metronome in #Yunohost and even using xmpp without fail2ban for large user base is dangerous.
Keep it simple and use apps without LDAP for now.