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We are happy to release a new and very useful service part of our !

NOTES: this is a fully featured notes app that can be accessed via any operating system or via the web directly. You have several text editors at your disposal so that you fine tune each note as you want: form simple editors, to markdown or code editors and more. A bunch of extensions are freely available together with several themes.

It is the ultimate note application! And we will detail all features the following days.

For now, if you want to test it, create an account at and then to use it on any device, install the application Standard Notes. There, login with the same credentials + do one more thing: in the advance options replace the default Sync Server with our own: . That's all! Now you can enjoy your notes on any device. Synced offline and online, and you can back them up offline at any point.

Another thing: all notes are fully encrypted. So no one can read them.

For now you can read more about this at - they offer a trade-based version of the service, but we offer it trade-free of course. All of those "pro" features we provide for free with the support from the people who help us financially

Enjoy this great Notes application! #tromlive
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