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TROM Office will be removed from towards the end of this year. This is a Cryptpad instance and here are the reasons:

1. We already provide a full Office Suite via TROM Files that is far better than the one provided by Cryptpad.
2. Sure, you need an account for TROM Files, but if you want a quick way to create a document we already have TROM Text.
3. We also have TROM Sketch in case you want to draw.

Therefore Cryptpad was not adding anything new. The last drop that filled the glass of decisions was that Cryptpad is offensively aggressive in the way that they inject the donate buttons in the app itself. Popups, multiple buttons, and so forth. Totally understandable that these projects need financial support but this way of asking for support is way too aggressive. On top of that they are changing the design of their service quite a lot and it is quite difficult to customize it, so every update breaks our clean TROM design.

Therefore no more Cryptpad.

Do not worry, it will be around for many months from now on, but it will not be visible from our main TROM page.

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