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If anyone wants to criticize TROM in any way, there are two big open doors for them:

1. Our TROM Live chat - - no registration required. Choose any username you want (stay anonymous if you wished to). We are almost 24/7 on that chat. Go ahead and use it.

2. TROMcast. If you so desire, we can make a special TROMcast and invite you so you can criticize TROM, live, uninterrupted, uncensored. Let us know on our TROM Chat or contact us about it here

Over the years a few people have voiced their criticism towards TROM. This is very helpful if the criticism is valid. And we've always listened and gave anyone a voice to express that. Don't be shy! It is important to know if there are valid criticisms, so we can change and improve.

Please stop using Facebook/Twitter/Youtube for such things since these are ad platforms that we do not use directly (the posts there are mirrored and automated from our social network - so we will not see your comments. Second, it is extremely difficult to have a meaningful conversation on any of these platforms.

Go ahead, the door is open! #tromlive
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