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Our latest TROM-Cast about Nudity is up

Unfortunately we got a lot of issues. First that of sound. I forgot that I messed around with OBS these past days and I removed the input sound module for my computer from OBS. So I had to fix it live....then the connection to @Cleo of Topless Topics was not that great via Jitsi. I suspect is because the Jitsi instance we have used was hosted closer to us than to her, so her video quality was not that great + she interrupted a bunch of times. We did lots of tromcasts with people from all around the world but the connection was never as bad.

Lastly our live interrupted 2 times....and I have to investigate why. I have no clue at the moment. Maybe Peertube is too buggy when it comes to lives. I will test the live before our next TROMcast. Luckily I have recorded everything locally so all is saved.

Give it a bit of time to convert so you can stream it properTHank you to @Cleo of Topless Topics for participating! Very interesting discussion!