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Today it is an important day and TROM wishes you happy....happy launch-day! Instead of people celebrating the "birth of Jesus", a crazy man walking around telling lies and jokes to those around him about the origin of ourselves, instead of people pretending to actually celebrate that and instead buy more and more shit, we should celebrate the launch of the new James Webb Space Telescope !

A telescope that is built to see the first stars that were formed after the big bang. How amazing can this be!?

So instead of this:

Humans should celebrate this:

The fact that most people, the vast majority, will celebrate christmas today and not this launch that happens the same exact day, says a lot about our primitive society. For those who are curious about our existence and reality, here's the link to follow - watch it live there! In only 1-2 hours it will launch.

And watch this video to know a little bit more about this telescope and why it is so important


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