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Just a reminder that religion is a pile of primitive ideas:

It is as crazy as flat earthers, qanon, and all of these conspiracies, if not crazier. Unfortunately it is wrapped in a nice package in today's society. But yah, lets not forget that religions are just a bunch of cults, surrounded by crazy people. #tromimg
Just a reminder that insulting other people's beliefs is not nice...

People have different thoughts about where we come from, and religious beliefs can not only help people, but also encourage good, even altruistic lifestyle.

When both sides can never be proven true or false, maybe the way of accepting other people's beliefs is better than this. I think that together we are capable of more than when we seperate us by this. Your atheism is not superior to anyone's theism.
The truth is religion is silly and not real. Yes, we should be nice to each other, but if we are to make fun of flat earthers and the like, then religion should not be on our "exempt" list.
As a species we need to overcome the ignorance,and make most of what we already know.Now as for flatearthers,the space age is on its way.My prediction is that after 50 years or so, everyone would finally understand the curveture of the earth and would start thinking about other planets/lifeforms.Just to be clear,we are still in the information age,that will hopefully remove ignorance and stupidity🙂