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The tech prostitutes

"How Tech Companies Manipulate the Media"

A well made video by the "tech youtubers" explaining how big companies bully them into creating positive reviews for their products. And then they go back at doing just that. Rinse and repeat. Nothing learned. These online prostitutes are eager to trade trade trade, at infinitum. They are pursued by the same companies, and same tech prostitutes that talk positively about tech, to buy more of that tech. A way of eating your own poop.

So then they have to pay for their macbookpros and teslas and such, so then they have to make videos that reach more and more people, because that makes them more and more money, to then buy more and more stuff. Endless...

Very little of the new tech nowadays is useful and a real innovation. The rest is LED lights of different colors. Toys.

We need to make people understand the trap of this trade-based society in the hope that they may want to escape from it. First: understand the problem. #tromlive