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Day 1 & 2 of my big hike from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic across the Pyrenees Mountains-

Thanks @Tio for joining me for the first 20 km of the trail! And thanks for taking some stuff out of my ultraheavy backpack! :D

aand also thank you for setting up this great PeerTube instance :) It turns out that uploading videos to PeerTube is much faster than uploading them to YouTube- and much less confusing! :D
Not to mention no ads, no data collection, no google evil, and all that :D


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I remember @tio talking about how tired he got just from those few days he was on the hike with you, I have no idea how you managed to go the entire way through with that ultra heavy backpack, I hope the antigravity is working so your back wouldn't hurt.

BTW, were you also writing your book during the hike?
haha actually I have no idea either 😁 it was very difficult 😀
I already had my book written out but I had it on my book reader and went through it while I was in the mountains, noting some changes that I wanted to make