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Being new to, I decided to check out TROMjaro. This distro is absolutely gorgeous!
I booted from a live USB just to check it out, because I've had bad experiences with Manjaro in the past, and it's pretty feature packed. Best of all, "proprietary" software isn't completely blocked because of the trade free views of TROM and nature of the distro, meaning that I can install a couple of pieces software that my life revolves around.

Admittedly, KDE is my favorite and preferred desktop environment but with the look and feel of the tweaks pre-applied to Gnome... I could probably get used to not having KDE pretty quickly.

I'll be prepping to install and making it my daily driver on my laptop for a while. Will update with further thoughts in a week or so.

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It is my first linux Distro, and I am already using it for 6 years and I will continue.
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I typically use Debian or Fedora. Last time I used Manjaro or any other Arch based distro, had serious issues with stability and have pretty much stayed away from them for that reason.
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Am happy to hear that. We will release a new ISO today or tomorrow with some new features/changes. You can always follow us here - Fediverse/RSS.
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Should I wait for the new ISO to come out before I install?