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"We urgently need to turn our attention not only to the global energy crisis defined by the burning of fossil fuels but also the energy crisis that is caused by not burning enough calories in our own bodies."

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El "ser humano" y la Tierra | Serie Completa (RTVE archivo)

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hm this looks very interesting despite being made a while ago

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A Bird in the Bush is Better

Here is a bright red male northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) that is hiding among the leaves.

As I've mentioned, I have a gallery of my favorite photos at:


Go there and take a look. Prints are for sale along with other doodads and I suppose it is kind of a business for me. But it's the kind of business where I don't care whether I sale anything or not. If you want something, by all means you are welcome to make a purchase. But I just want you to visit and maybe mark your favorites or leave a comment. Cheers 😄

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #wildlife #nature #bird #birds #birding #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #birdphotography #NorthernCardinal

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Wow, that's a really, red bird! Good to see, cuz we don't have cardinals round here. You are so lucky!
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Yes, I am. There are at least dozens of these birds around here. I can always depend on them to brighten up a photo.


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Record warm sea surface temperatures continued last month in the northern half of the Atlantic Ocean...

Data available from NOAA ERSSTv5:

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The mean global sea surface temperature averaged over the last three months was the highest on record relative to any other March to May period...

Data from NOAA ERSSTv5:

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We're going to be hearing the term, 'exponential increase,' a lot in the coming years
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#Invidious is an open source alternative front-end to YouTube.

Invidious is Free (Libre) and Open Source software licensed under the AGPL-3.0

by @invidious

???? DEAR GOD WHY ???

Invidious protects you from the prying eyes of Google and "affiliates". Invidious filtering won't track you either!

Ethically designed

Invidious helps you regain focus through a humane-design

Invidious allows you to subscribe to channels and create playlists, without needing a YouTube account.

Thanks to our translators, Invidious is available in many different languages.

No Ads

Invidious allows you to watch videos without being disturbed by annoying ads.

Also 100% supported by Sponsorblock

Invidious has a fully featured and documented REST API for developers.

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Temperatures in May 2024...
🟥 - warmer than average
🟦 - colder than average

The average global air temperature was...
+1.14°C above 1951-1980 baseline
+1.27°C above 1921-1950 baseline
+1.42°C above 1880-1920 baseline

Data code/info:

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They warned for DECADES, Exxon lied, LIES, called it a hoax.

Now the warnings ARE TRUE, but the effects ARE WORSE.

Canada burned 30 billion trees last year.

Scale is hard to understand, 30 billion trees is three hundred times the size of all combined annual logging in Canada, three centuries of logging. Canada isnt 200 years old.
WORSE than the warnings.

FIRST BUILD the replacement AT SPEED to end burning carbon.

REPLACE ALL carbon burning engines, today.


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Last month was also the warmest May on record globally in the GISTEMPv4 dataset...

[(Preliminary) data/info:]

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🚨 Carbon dioxide (CO₂) levels set a new *record high* in May 2024 - 426.90 ppm (seasonal max)

"Carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere faster than ever..."

+ NOAA Press Release:

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But 350 ppm (or below) is the level needed for a decent chance at keeping temperatures inside the probably-safe zone for normal human civilization, right?
We may have a problem...
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#climatechange peeps ☝️ Also note damaging effects CO2 CH34this will be a non linear over time due to feed back loops. Mitigation now
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No surprises as usual - the last 6 months...

Red shading: warmer than average temperatures
Blue shading: colder than average temperatures

Data from

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Yes its the same, yes the same means its worse.

Thinking about what worse means, rising and rising and rising, until we're high enough for the helicopter blades.

Our planetary temperatures are rising to death. And they will continue to rise, like the interior of a car in the sun.

Build it all.


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I wonder what those dots are (mostly in the Atlantic Ocean), is that where small islands are? Are they creating extra hot ‘micro (or I guess small) climates’?

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Hey did you do this? Seems the positive kind of message - I'd be interested in more of this kind of message / subtle practical humour if you have...?

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Our pop-up channel for the FediVision 2024 voting period is live.

It's an alternative way you can hear the entrants if a linear format. It's on our main site below our regular channels.

Keep an eye on @announce and #Fedivision2024 for info, fun and light hearted lobbying.

To kickoff the voting period we'll have chat on for a bit as we are simulcasting our pop-up to the video/chat channel. The community will announce more hangouts fo the week.

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Hey everyone! I recently posted about my latest project, a universal fediverse sharing button:

Is this something that you'd find useful for your website or blog?

#WebDevelopment #WebDesign #UXUI #fediverse #SocialMedia

EDIT: Thanks everyone for sharing and trying this out! I fixed an issue on iOS some of you might have run into, just FYI.

  • Yes, already using it! (1%, 2 votes)
  • I'll give this a try (49%, 55 votes)
  • Tried it, didn't work (3%, 4 votes)
  • I don't like the design (0%, 0 votes)
  • Too hard to use (4%, 5 votes)
  • Not useful (7%, 8 votes)
  • I don't have a website (28%, 32 votes)
  • Something else? (4%, 5 votes)
111 voters. Poll end: 2 months ago

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Cool! I think usability could be better. There's a field for the ActivityPub server, but I don't think people will know what to type in there. I'd probably rather a "Share to Fediverse" one-click button that THEN loads a page or overlay with clear instructions: "Type your Fediverse domain URL here then press Share to publish the following post on your server." Having just a server field is less likely to be understood.
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@Adam Thank you, and thank you for the feedback, really appreciate it!

Adding an overlay with instructions, which would then open the sharing modal might be a bit too many steps? I do like the simplicity of the current approach.

I wonder if I could maybe change the text to something like "type your server name to share with the fediverse"?

That's a bit long, so not ideal either.

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Also, a technical side note, the reason the text is not a real label is that I'm avoiding using an ID for any of the form elements, in case someone wants to use this on a blog that uses an infinite scroll, in which case you'd end up with non-unique IDs on the same page.

Wrapping the input in a label doesn't work too well either with this layout.

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Ah, another issue is that on mine, the placeholder doesn't appear (and neither does my typed text as it's white on white). I see in your code that there is a placeholder, so if that was visible it would probably be more obvious. Also, your aria-label attribute is set to "Amount (to the nearest dollar)" for that field. Minor minor bugs.
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@Adam Ah, yes, that was already fixed in the code snippet and on the demo page, but on my personal site I had the old code, thank you for catching that!

And I fixed the colors when dark mode is applied, that's what was causing the colors not work right. Thank you so much!

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Yeah, that wording sounds a lot better. Plus the darkmode fix probably will make it much more obvious. Nice!
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@Adam Thank you, really appreciate all your help and feedback!
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Thanks everyone for voting and sharing!

If you do add this to your site, please reach out!

I'd love to hear about your experience, what worked well, and what can be improved.

Either here, or

Thank you!

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Looking for a less touristy alternative city break in Europe this summer? May I recommend #Vilnius #Lithuania #Travel #TravelEurope #Europe #EuroTrip ...

Posted into The Travel Exchange @the-travel-exchange-travelers

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Craving for rocks with peculiar shapes? Mars will not disappoint.

Shot yesterday by the Curiosity rover

May 17, 2024 - Sol 4187
Credit images: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/fredk

#Curiosity #Mars #Sol4187 #rover #CuriosityRover #space #Martian #rock #rocks #photography #science #STEM #Astrodon

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Hey everyone! I don't typically ask for donations for my work, but if you do enjoy any of it, I would appreciate you starring this GitHub repo.

Thank you!

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Derelict satellites pass within 1,000 kilometers of each other 1,000 times a year, and any collision would instantly double the amount of space debris. A space rush is filling up orbit with unregulated satellites, mostly from private companies, and we need better protections

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I'm prototyping a fediverse sharing button. Anyone interested in giving it a try?

Feature highlights:

- shows a logo of supported fediverse software
- lets you share selected text
- remembers the last fediverse domain used


#fediverse #FediverseSharingButton

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