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You know there's actually a lot of great artists and photographers on the fediverse, maybe you should also showcase some of their pictures on

Off the top of my head, there's @brandkopf, @eyeling, @sohkamyung, @norG, @IanCykowski, @sergeaus, etc. Trust me there is a lot more photographers and artists on fedi, too long for me to list all of them here. You can also take a look at @Curator to find more artists.

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no no this category was different. not just "artists" but those that illustrate how fucked up our society is. their "art" had a strong, very strong, message. if you can find me such "artists" on the fediverse I'd be so happy to add them to the mix.
So I believe that category is about illustrations that make you think about our world, right? I'm not aware of any specific artist in mind, but there might be some on fedi that would fit your category. And all of these artists and photographers I mentioned above, you might be able to showcase some of their works on other categories too, its a way for you to reduce your dependence on these commercial platforms.
See how you can get RSS feeds of mastodon profiles -
I believe pixelfed has something similar too...... 🤔
Yes but I havent seen any that is focused on that aspect...the accounts we used were from very well known artists that do most of their art as a criticism of this society...I do not want to just add random artistic drawings. Nothing wrong with that but this is not the thing we have on tromnews ;)
Hmm.... How about the photographs though? Can you add them to TROMnews? If you look at the accounts I mentioned there is a lot of great photographers there 🙂
Well the reason I use reddit for this is because there are trillions of photos out get the best and not flood the stream, the reddit "rank" system is very useful. We only grab the super popular photos from specific categories...but if you know any amazing source of photography let me know.
I recommend you go through some of those accounts I mentioned, they really are good photographers, I follow them. And remember that these are the people that decided to move away from those commercialized platforms, that's why I mentioned them 😀
Yes but we need a way to be able to "follow" some accounts in order to grab their content and post on TROMnews. If you know any share please. About people not using Pixelfed I wish that was the case, but once a great app will be available you'll see that people still won't join....because people rarely change and they do what the majority do. If the majority of people are on Instagram, they will be there too.
That was meant for media that would be trade-free an anyone can use. However for one we didn't find a good software to host that...and second it takes a lot of time and resources to do such a website...maybe in the future we will...for now we can't.
It is still a project that we think about and we have not filly abandoned...but too many things under the TROM umbrella. It is quite a challenge to maintain everything at this point. Maybe after the TROM II documentary is released we can look again into this. I'd love to see such a website.