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We are integrating a few things into the new TROMjaro release:

Our Trade-Free Library of apps. We are adding it as a webapp.

It is pinned to the apps-panel by default. Browse through some 650 trade-free apps. We have screenshots from TROMjaro, description, and an install button. Click it and install. As easy as that!

VideoNeat - fast access to hundreds and hundreds of quality documentaries and courses.

Click any magnet link and it opens by default with WebTorrent so you can stream everything directly from p2p. This one is also pinned to the apps-panel.

On top of this we are adding to the Documents folder a PDF about our Trade-Free initiative.

This is very important because TROMjaro is not just another distro, it is fueled by a "movement", an idea, that trade is the origin of most problems and we want to push it aside by providing trade-free goods and services. TROMjaro is one of these goods/services that we provide. If you are curious see the PDF here -


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