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COVID Concerns

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End the COVID-19 Pandemic, Share the Vaccines -

This video was published in the beginning of this month and it only has around 300 views now, it deserves more views than this.

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Yes the vaccine should be open source ffs.
Also, this is how I see the post on mastodon (see image). A title with a link to the article, that seem like the correct way to show it 🙂

Nice. I wish tho that the federated platforms would display the original content as default. Like how did you read the article? On Friendica? If so you went back and commented on the link from mastodon? Am curious...
I had to open that link in my browser, like how I would read an article if you just posted its link. I went back to my mastodon client to reply.

Not all of your posts are shown like this, but the articles definitely are. From what I understand, it'll detect if its an article by seeing if the post has a title, so on mastodon these ones will show the title with the link to the full article.
I actually did try out friendica using an account I had on because you said. Now I thought to give it a second shot since they made it work with all mastodon clients. I can have that old familiar look of mastodon while having the awesome features of friendica. So I tried it using fedilab and it was just too buggy, I couldn't even see my global timeline button. But I think this is the issue of the app itself and not friendica.
I tried using the @Tusky client and it was much better, 2 issues I had were these:

1. It truncates long posts under a "show more button", and there was no option to disable it.

2. If you @ mention someone on a post, it should bring me to that profile when clicking on it. But this doesn't work properly on tusky, it just says "Performing lookup" for a while and then opens up a random post. IDK if its a friendica issue or tusky issue.
Yeah, I'll give those other clients a try too when I have the time. Unfortunately, the client I use for mastodon, fedilab, just don't work properly on friendica. I just like tusky's UI out of all the others, that's why I tried that one next. I'll keep using that one if they fix the issues.

It'd be nice if there was a good friendica client with nice UI and all friendica features. These mastodon clients are made for mastodon and thus lack a lot of features provided by friendica

The show more is a useful feature, else you`ll see massive posts...
Yeah maybe, but I'd still like to have an option to disable it. I see all of your long posts without that "show more" button on fedilab right now, so I'm used to it. So now it'd be hard for me click the show more button for every long post I see.
Maybe it'd be best to have an option that allows you to set what "long" means to you, so you can set the number of lines to truncate and the ability to disable this truncation completely by setting the value as 0, that's how fedilab does it.
Fedilab is currently trying to rewrite some of their code to improve UI and stuff -

I'll just ping @apps here so maybe they would look into fixing these issues. Fedilab is actually the only app I could find on fdroid that explicitly said it supports friendica. But the friendica support on it is pretty bad right now, and there's definitely room for improvement.

Friendica is so underrated right now, and part of the reason is that it don't have a good mobile app
Yes, we have an issue where fixes will be brought to the new app.
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