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The Smartphone World and how I cope with it -

This is my 20 years journey into the world of the phone. I was here when it started, I was amazed by it, then angry at it. And now I found a way to tame it. To transform my phone into my friend, and protect myself from the pile of shit that the phones are streaming on a daily basis into people’s brains.

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I hope this means you'll be more motivated to optimize your websites for mobile screens 😁
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Haha, I said the same to @Tio recently. No excuses now 😁
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oooh you guys now a lot more pressure on me haha :D
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I've been telling Tio for a long time now, but @aaron is definitely the smart one here - bribing Tio with a pixel phone 😆

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Amazing article
I can relate to that so much.
Your solutions and alternatives are jewels.
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At the risk of seeming persnickety, I must remark that the pile of poop streaming into people's brains first streamed *out* of someone else's brains. Cheap and easy electronic communications have allowed those with shit for brains to influence and taint the rest.

The big tech mafia and the government mafia start out promoting delusive nonsense to get people supporting their agendas. After time, they start believing their own delusions, and so the gaslighting and insanity grows worse. In time a culture grew in which most people had their beliefs formed from popular opinion, rather than personal inquiry. Almost everything commonly accepted as true today is half-truth or outright nonsense.

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