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Oh nooooo DuckDUckGo is doing shady things and lets Microsoft track you via their Ad shooocked!

I kept on saying to people that DDG is a potential risk simply because it engages into TRADES. They wanted you, the user, to click their ads. And all of the "but hey we don't track you at least..." was of course a marketing strategy. Selling their search engine to these "privacy oriented" folks. Privacy-washing. Even tho I was not aware of this practice I was kinda sure they will eventually fuck things up, simply because whenever you engage into trades, sooner or later you will fuck things up.

So yeah, it seems this theory of trade, it being the originator of most problems, still holds very much true. I do not trust any trade-based service. Period. #
# once again.....
SearX. Our instance is at Also here's a list of trade-free ones
Missleading clickbait title. The article is about DDG Browser, not the search engine...
It is basically a browser for their search engine. And yes they do these shady things and more.