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Our latest TROMcast about War can be watched here - . Very nice to see new faces. We will try to make more TROMcasts in the future. Busy with the TROM II documentary for now, but after that we should make more. #tromlive

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Your text is 1.5TB in size I think. Calm down a bit. It is not 1.4TB are you insane? The 1080p file is 1.4GB. That's totally different and totally normal for a full HD video of 2 hours long. We do not have 480p resolutions for our video hosting because we lack money for more disk storage. If the thousands of videos that are hosted there will be converted in yet another resolution we would need a lot more disksapce. Feel free to donate to TROM so we can enable that.

Content warning: Revolution = Reducing/ MINImise your online footprint & fileSIZES....

My friend you are a mess. It is GB not TB. Calm down. I will ignore and block your account.