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Total insanity! Can’t agree more! I was surprised lately that even video games now allow you to trade nft’s 🤯
Weren't games kinda doing this with in-game purchases? In a way those too are similar to NFTs. Like buying a skin for your player and such. But yah, anyway, crazy world...
True. They do it for years. But difference is that it was « in-game » currency, so you could buy other skins or in-game goods if you sold something. There were some black markets ofc, where people converted their in-game bucks to real value, but it wasn’t easy and some platforms are not trustworthy at all.

Now with NFT you can sold that shit for real crypto and potentially have good real money easier with support of giant companies, which ofc will take their interest from each transaction.
Agreed, there’s nothing new, again. But I kinda was kicked in the butt observing how every single good idea can is turned into trading hell. The games, which use that trading, can be dumb as hell, stupid shooters or whatever, in the same time having so much potential in education, for example. So you are not a gamer anymore, you are a fuckin’ trader!

Seriously, these guys can turn anything into fuckin’ dipshit market, lol 😅
Anyways, I totally with you on all of that.. The digital world, being so good platform to actually create abundance of things for everyone and share them, since copying stuff is matter of two clicks, now becomes another archaic market thing, which allows a bunch people to make even more money out of nothing, instead of using it to make life better for all people.
When you think it can't get crazier than this........ It does !

I'm afraid what kinda crazy shit show the world will be in a decade or two, maybe we'll invent immortality and charge a subscription fee for your life 🤯
indeed....artificial scarcity in digital goods, ideas, intangibles of every kind especially, requires intellectual slavery.