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I really really REALLY wish I could donate, but I'm in the broke train too :( this sucks
Not a single worry. And I am very sad to hear you are riding the same train
I live in an expensive part of the US where a small apartment is 2k USD a month so still with my parent :)
yah i've heard about such places where the rent is nuts....insane
At least I am not in Hong Kong...
reading this felt like reading the story of my life over the past decade.....
only where I went art (largely "noise architecture"/music and performance related), seems you had Trom....and seems both of us have a healthy dose of the modern magickal art that is tech connected to the our "work" and endeavors and both saw the "profit" of our work to be made evident in the contributions we could give back to the communities around us than in a centrally controlled abstract that'd been applied to a mass for purposes of energy exchange (aka "money").

And so what does one do....
and how does one do it?

Like you, I have no idea.....
of course there's the global soft roll out of "UBI" via all the current helicopter money falling from the sky (most chiefly via things bollockschain of course), but how entrenched in a trap does one want to get to survive.... most notably when they know it's a trap.
The battle cry of the dark magic halls of money (fin tech), "INCENTIVIZE!"
(more like "gamify"; never mind "small", it's a Pokemon Go world after all)
Such said, the game demoralizes.... it demoralizes as an "incentive" to act without moral ethic.... knowing that small bit can inspire..... when all else fails, refusal to be demoralized, just out of sheer spite of the game.

All this just to say stay strong and "surf the waves", knowing full well that the waves are prone to get choppy at times.

The Struggle Is Real.
I am sure there are a bunch of people like this, sadly. This society highlights the idiots and charlatans, and those who do what they love doing, and help others, and take time to create something, are pushed aside.