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It is not that difficult to shut down a server. So being decentralized (no servers) is a lot more reliable and resilient in that regards.
It still depends on exactly how it's decentralised. Briar is currently very unreliable since both sender and recipient need to be online simultaneously, meaning messages can go undelivered if both parties have limited connections.
Sure, but if you have no internet connection then you can't reach a server either 😛. And nowadays most people have an internet connection (talking about the "developed" tribes). More to that, you can implement something that allows you to send that message to anyone in the node, encrypted, and then when your friend is online, they will receive it. Making it as reliable as any server, considering the network is decently big, at least a few thousand users.
> Briar is currently very unreliable since both sender and recipient need to be online simultaneously

In order to solve this problem you need propagation nodes in the network, that way you can send your message and then go offline, these propagation nodes will store your message and send it to the recipient when they come online. A new project that does this is

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Voice card specs:

Single oscillator with saw, triangle and pulse output
Multiple VCAs to blend between different input signals, a main VCA for the envelope and a panning VCA for stereo output
An additional external input that can be mixed in, eg. a noise signal
One envelope generator for the VCA. It can modulate filter frequency and resonance, also with an inverted signal
A pole-mixing multimode filter with 8 filter responses:
3P AP + 1P LP
4P N
There are multiple options two switch and blend between different signals and filter responses
PWM, FM and synchronization inputs

Had been aware of Ninjam, which found to work "o.k.", but a bit to involved for getting ones own private session up and running and while the "relative time" adherence to clock it calls for is workable, it's still nothing like free/real time.

Found Jamulus to be fairly straight forward and simple enough for what it was, but a bit more difficult to incorporate into a DAW and called for a bit of a more strict adherence to sample and bit rates.

Just came across Sonobus. Looks VERY promising, though haven't yet fiddled with it yet.

"Seems" to really work out both DAW integration and flexible audio rate standards. Anyone had any experience jam/recording with it?

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Hello.... goodbye (also, could use some migration assistance)

As the Federated Network Association is dissolving
Working on migrating my account to:

like wise, less some angel swoop into save the day, seems the first and original Diaspora pod ( will also be going down and with it my original Diaspora account.

From what I've noticed, when migrating a Friendica account, photos, saved searches, and saved folders get lost. Does anyone know if there is a way to effectively port over saved folders? (tedious as it is, figure settling on manually migrating the rest)

Also, regarding Diaspora migrations, does anyone know if account migration was ever completed, and if so, what all is included in the migration?

#Friendica #Diaspora #Federation #AccountMigration

Feneas Friendica | Alien (A23P) @ Feneas Friendica

The migration "underwhelmingly" worked for me....
Didn't have to re-do the written profile, contacts ported over, and then just about everything else was lost. Posts, saved comments, saved folders, images.....
"Migration" basically just helped speed up re-adding contacts and filling out the written aspects of the profile while something certainly worked, the vast majority of the account history was lost.