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The wonderful Roma (a very special TROM-friend) is visiting us.

On top of having a great time together and very interesting discussions, we worked on TROMjaro these days a lot. We will release a new ISO soon that brings something we truly needed: packages for our scripts. We have a bunch of scripts for fixes, and for the layout and theme switcher. Now we won't have to ask the current TROMjaro users to do this or that change, everything will be directly pushed by us. We also fixed a few things and such.

We achieved a wonderful synchronization for theming. Basically now the theme, the icon pack, and the font sync across apps: GTK, GTK+Libadwaita, QT, QT5, QT6, flatpaks that accept theming. So awesome!

But the best part is that we can now improve these packages and push updates automatically to all users. Stay tuned for the release! And thank you Roma for being such a good human. A true human being 😀. #tromlive

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It's always a pleasure to visit my favorite people in the world and also to make some cool things for TROM projects 😉 Thank you so much for being so friendly, love you all :loveheart
Thank you my dear friend! For everything 😀