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Introducing Apple Vision Pro

Or how you can make a "cool" video about a nonsense product, showing people doing the same lame tasks over and over again. Browse their photo albums, playing video games, watching movies. This time with a huge thing strapped on their faces.

Apple, the Sad Vision.

How about people having real and sane relationships, enjoying the nature, not buying shit!?

This company has a fruit as the name, but is doing nothing "natural" or healthy.

Such a lame video. A failed product anyway. But scary to see that there are many people who think this is "wow so cool".

Ok, bye.

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in reply to Tio

Last time I tried a VR was years ago and wearing it made me nauseated within half an hour, maybe the technology has improved now but I'm skeptical. And how can this AR thing be better than just a smart TV or your laptop or mobile phone? I bet its not as stable or comfy as they show us in their ad. But sure if you wanna watch a movie on a big screen while on an airplane than you may need it, but even then imagine if the plane goes through a turbulence and you're wearing this shit 😆
in reply to Rokosun

its interesting to see how what people consider "cool" or "futuristic" today is mainly influenced by the SciFi movies they watch. And the thing you should know about movies is that they often show you things based on how aesthetically pleasing or cool it is to look at, that doesn't mean its practical in real life. Technologies like AR/VR may be useful for things like 3D designing, but that's not what Apple shows on their ad because they want normal people to buy it not just some designers.