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Plastic pollution is one of the many problems created by this trade-based society. It is an enormous issue, alongside climate change, waste, air pollution, loss of biodiversity, human slavery, environmental destruction, inequality, and so forth.

Here's how simple it is to understand how these problems are created:

1. Human beings reflect their upbringing (the environment they grow in).

From the way they walk and talk, to what they like or hate, these are values humans pick from their environment.

2. Our environment is based on trade. Jobs, currency, the many products created, supermarkets, online premium accounts, data collection, ads, social credits, and so forth. It is a "give this to me, to give that to you" society.

This trade society gives rise to an endless circle of creating as many things as possible and selling them to others. A circle of extreme and infinite consumption that makes people only chase their own gains (profits).

So then you end up with a bunch of idiot consumers whose minds are filled with ads and "how and what to trade".

And they will create a pile of destruction in their way.

That eventually will trash their lives and this planet.


Unless we understand this, nothing will change. We have to move away from a trade-based society. How about starting to provide trade-free goods/services to people? How about starting with their basic needs? This is a discussion that is not happening anywhere. So we need to be vocal about it. #tromimg
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