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I was unable to work on TROM II for the past weeks since Kdenlive doesn't work well anymore. But I work with the developers to find a fix. The project is too big...I will wait a few more days then I will have to see how to get back to it. Maybe I will split the project.

But I did a lot of work for TROMjaro. We will ship the next ISO with a bran new theme. More modern and sleek. And much better adapted for XFCE. Plus we will ship with 4 layouts:

And a graphical layout switcher so you can easily choose between them.

We will also push a fix for the stupidity of libadwaita. We will force the apps that use this library and break the system's consistency, to still use the system's theme. Thanks to @Future is FOSS !

Plus a few other changes. Maybe we will release a new ISO in a few days. I will have to edit the homepage of to reflect the changes.


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sounds like you're becoming the battle tester for kdenlive with your large projects;) Sorry for your pain but the rest of us will likely benefit from it ... the power of FOSS!
Oh yah they are surprised to see a project with 35h of footage hahaha. And thousands of files. But at least if they will fix this it is an overall improvement for kndelive and all users.