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The TROM II documentary was paused because of lack of funds. It is a sad decision but we have no choice. Thank you to all of those who are still helping us via Patreon or Liberapay! Without you we could not have kept the work going -

We will work again on the documentary once we have enough financial stability to do so. This trade-based society kicks everyone in the balls on a constant basis. TROM was able to withstand it since 2011. Active, updated, relevant, engaged. These are difficult time but we are not giving up! We need to tell the world that trade is the origin of most problems and to motivate them to do trade-free goods/services. We are starting a movement that has no leader, and is attached to no project. But it needs time and we are the pioneers of it, so for us it will be the harshest.

The people who have helped, help and will help TROM, the ones donating, even those spreading the word, are all part of this new movement whether they understand it or not. #tromlive

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