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My/Our plan for this year

reshared this

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I am 1.56 meters tall btw :D so together we are 3.36 :)
And there's also a small chance that I can get the papers before September, though there's no guarantee. I'm still hoping for that :)
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I apologize to the 6cm I ignored!
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This is a lot to swallow for us considering we are so busy these months with "trading to survive". I do see value in this approach and I would be so happy and engaged if I were to be helped in this regards. If there was someone out there helping us to get to such projects. If someone can help us maybe write some papers about the negative impacts of trade and the positive ones of the trade-free approach. So if you can give us more details about this and a direction then we can try it in a few months time. I definitely plan to become louder and try different approaches as soon as I release the TROM II documentary that can on its own be a way to reach higher.