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I'm starting a new video series about hiking the GR11 (an 840-km thru-hike across the Pyrenees) on a very tight budget.
Here is the first video:
It's me packing my Ultraheavy backpack :D

You can find my full thru-hike gear list here:

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in reply to Sasha

Wow 23kg bad and you only 48 !!! Insane 😀 Waiting for the next videos
in reply to Sasha

Damn, that's a lot of stuff to carry on your back!

"You might ask what's the point of carrying a pointless knife, but not everything has to have a point" haha 🤣
in reply to Sasha

haha yes it was very heavy 🤣🤣
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It’s beautiful. I’ll be following the series! :ablobcatheart:
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Oh wow, amazing start of the series, Sasha! Great equipment you have 😎 Can't wait to see how the "hammock plot" turns out.. 😆
in reply to Roma

thank you 😀 haha oh the hammock plot 😆🤣