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@Tio I am sure you will like it :)

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haha, shit, it's not a joke! it's reality already.

This is one of the best depictions, in one illustration, of what war really is:

Found on TROMnews


Quest to save wilderness of Carpathian Mountains

I was visiting conservation organization "Carpathia" in Romania. They're doing so many different activities to preserve and restore nature and wildlife. Bringing back European Bison's, restoring and rewilding forest, support local community, do all kind of monitoring activities for wildlife. And much much more.
To find out more about Carpathia -

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Great video @Dima Well said! And beautiful area 😀

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European Climate Pact Ambassador

I have some good news, I've just become official EU Climate Pact Ambassador for Latvia.
What it means basically I became a member of EU initiative to promote ecology, biodiversity, climate issues and solutions in Europe. They have many ambassadors all over EU from all different backgrounds and professions, with all kind of skills. But everyone have a common goal to improve ecology in all possible ways.
From now on I have access to some European Union projects, initiatives and trainings. Also will have a chance to present Be Brave To Act in Euro Parliament in Brussels next year.

Here is the list of all ambassadors if you curios :

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That's a very good news. I hope you get more exposure. How did it happened? You contacted them, or they reached to you? Will they also help you financially a bit so you can continue your project?
They had an application form on their website, where you could apply.
I don't think they will help financially, I am not sure what to expect really, i guess it's more about me having access to several activities they are doing in EU. And also possibility to connect with other similar "activists". Also not sure about exposure, but probably If I will have a short presentation in Brussels then I might get some good contacts or opportunities.

Sea Turtle Rescuers Illegally Evicted -

@Dima does a fantastic job at highlighting the good people that still live in this backwards trade society and why they are struggling to do the good things that they do. Imagine doing good things like saving turtles, and not only that you are not helped in this society, but face many roadblocks.

Dima keep on doing your important work! Your videos are much needed for everyone to understand the struggle the volunteers have to face, but also to understand that people are motivated to do good things. We just have to enable that by helping them.

If people had access to at least their basic needs as trade-free, we would see a lot of change happening.

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I Volunteered for 25 Projects. Here's What I've Learned

In this video I am showing 9 things which I've realized by volunteering for 25 projects. Most of them were about nature and wildlife protection and restoration.

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00:00 Intro
00:23 Skills
01:27 Funding
02:27 Compassion
03:16 Other People
04:23 Enthusiasm
06:03 Time Waste
07:14 You Will Lose Money
08:08 Experience
08:54 Never The Same

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Great job Dima!
Thank you Tio

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Sperm Whales Expedition in Turkey

What it Takes to Find a Sperm Whale in Turkey ?

I've joined Whales and Dolphins Research Expedition organized by organization DMAD. The project called " Giant Guardians Of The Deep Seas" the aim of survey is to scan all Eastern Mediterranean part of Turkey for cetaceans. My position was drone pilot and to find sperm whales there was not an easy task.

Such researches are very important and necessary both for scientific purposes and conservation. Unfortunately as it often happens such projects lack funding. And right now further surveys under questions because of not enough money to cover the expenses.

To find more about DMAD :

TROM II Documentary is OUT!

TROM II: A Message to the Aliens (2023)

Ok people, the documentary is finally available. Please keep your expectations low and keep in mind that this documentary is made mostly by one human being, with limited resources. We have not used any stock footage (except maybe 2-3) so everything you'll see is real and genuine.

Also, keep in mind that this is not the beginning or the end of anything, but a continuation of our work for this TROM project. We will create more materials and projects.

Watch it here
Download it from here

We hope this documentary can provide something valuable for you.


Flooding a forest to restore ecosystem

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TROM II: A Message to the Aliens (official poster)

The documentary will be released in June. The trailer will be available this week.

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Bird Population Census

About the Dog Shelter

About The Grind
Very cruel....

In October I've been in Montenegro where I joined DMAD - Marine Mammals Research Association to do a Bottlenose Dolphin Research. Here is the video about the experience. We've been lucky to encounter several dolphins and film them from the air.
Cool video - the best way to travel!

European Rivers Summit

In October 2022 I've took a part in the European Rivers Summit in Brussels. Event was organized by Wetlands International.
I've met so many inspiring activists, scientists, researchers, policy makers and various experts. In the video featured only some of them.
Hydro-power is not green, it still produce emissions and in some cases even more than the coal plants. At the same time it cost us of millions of aquatic life lost, barriers prevents migration and nutrient flow. And in many case hydro power plant are not producing any significant amount of electricity.

The fact is we must protect rivers ! If you inspired by any of the speakers presented in the video, go and find out about them or their organizations online.

So what is a green energy? Because you need energy to live? With what green energy we must fix energy crisis??

Taking Care of Nature while working in Diving

During summer I managed to clean a lot of debris and ghost nets underwater. Also I can see huge difference between protected marine parks and just regular dive sites. Here is the video about my experience. Maybe someone will find it useful.
Great to hear that you also tried diving !
You should do your open water for sure ! Then one day we could dive all together!

Yeah Croatia is very similar like L'estartit, but the same as I said in video it's very over fished and deserted. It's awesome that Illes Medes are protected area
Yup that's why I want to do it so then I can dive with you guys too 😀 - the course is only 5 days so is fast. But you need to come here for the dive so we can see more stuff. It is interesting that this area where I live is quite protected and has so much marine life. I didn't know all that before you guys started to dive.

My experience at the Horse Rescue Centre in Spain

Planting Trees in Murcia Spain

Ecosystem Restoration Camp
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My new conservation/volunteering project. That's the first video from it.
I plan to release similar video monthly.

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Here's a new video based on my blog "Prison Earth":

@Dima recorded and edited the video, I made the script.

Here is a link to the blog that it's based on:


We did the recording with @Dima today! Very good one! Some 2h long. Tomorrow we will do a much shorter one - not much left to record ;). All great! TROM II is back-on-track! #tromimg #tromlive #trom2