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Day 34 of my big hike-

Too many cows in this one! :D

GR11 Day 34- COWS!

Day 34 of my thru-hike across the Pyrenees!

I started the day at Cabana de Quillon, got food from a campground shop, then saved myself from the rain at Cabana de Santa Ana. Then all the cows in the world came onto the GR11. I don’t know what was going on there but it smelled really bad!
I found camping a bit off the GR11 next to Barranco de la Aigueta (near Ibonet de Batisielles).

Intro song: “Gimme Love” by D Jay Koi

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Ahaha the cow episode was hilarious 😁 They are quite (aggressively) musical with those bells, aren't they?
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haha thanks 😁 Yeah those bells are really loud! 😀