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Our next TROM big project will be a stuff sharing platform that uses the Activitypub protocol. So anyone can spin their own local sharing platform and connect with the rest. It is a long term plan, but we will try to do it. It is just an idea for now.... but the other TROM projects were ideas too.


So like but with Activitypub support? Interesting...... 🤔

cc: @smallcircles

Yes! But in order for the sharing of stuff to work we need to have it decentralized, locally, in pockets. Else it won't work.


Of course it makes a lot of sense for people to create local sharing communities where they live, and with Activitypub support we can bridge these localized communities together to form a wider network spanning the entire globe.

Indeed. Sharebay is starting globally and I think that's bound to fail. I have stuff to share but there is no way I can do it via Sharbay since the closest people to me are hundreds of km away....I won't pay for transport and they may not either. It needs to be local for sure. Global in case someone is willing to pay for transport. Activitypub allows us to have both!
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Facilitate smallness in large organization :)