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TROM Files (Nextcloud) provides 10 GB of storage space for everyone! And we can extend up to 20 GB to whoever needs more storage. All trade-free.

TROM Files is like Google Drive + Google Photos + Trello + more into one single package, but no bullshit subscriptions, ads, data collection.

You have access to Collabora (Libreoffice cloud) - a powerful Office suite that allows you to edit any documents and collaborate on them.

You have access to a Photo Gallery app and the ability to edit your photos directly in TROM Files:

You have access to a Notes app and a Music player. Plus "Deck" to organize your teams and tasks.:

Lastly you have access to a fully featured Calendar:

Please share so that everyone takes advantage of this. There is no catch if you understand what we do at TROM. We've been creating trade-free materials and services since 2011.

And please consider becoming one of the 200 people that we need in order to support this TROM project forever --->>


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