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A new video from my thru-hike across Spain:
I almost made it to the end! :D

GR11 thru-hike, Day 57-58. Almost there!

I’m getting close to finally finishing the GR11!
Here I walked from the hills of Hiriberri-Aezkoa, past Orbara and Burguete, camped on the side of a dirt road just before Elizondo, then walked in the scorching hot sun and finally got a glimpse of my destination- the Atlantic Ocean! I camped in a wonderful picnic area with a water fountain (it is near Iguzkiagerreko Borda, right on the GR11 trail).

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Sasha the small brave creature that traveled for 800KM through mountains with a backpack that was bigger then her. Sometimes I too forget that. 😀 - Wonder-tough-woman.

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thanks! 😁
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- I'm still only up to Day 30-31 😮 🎉 Congratulations on finishing this journey and all of the video editing! Your stamina and attitude are amazing, and inspiring ⛰️ 👟 🌞