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All of the "shorts" videos from our are now extinct! No more shorts. These videos, the shorts, are a byproduct of a trade-insanity where humans are obsessed to do whatever it takes to grab more attention. Because they can trade that for other things. In this case the traders are hopping on a train brought by the TikTok ad company and emulated by Youtube ad company.

These "shorts" videos were ruining our entire video section. So we had to manually fix this for every source. And should be fixed from now on for good.


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in reply to TROM

> All of the "shorts" videos from our are not extinct!

Did you meant to say "now extinct" ?
in reply to Rokosun

Well the stupid typo I always make should have been: "are now extinct!" - corrected. Changes the entire meaning of the sentence....terrible! Thanks for the heads-up.