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Thank you Ioana for becoming the 38th TROM Supporter! :) - We need to find 200 people to donate 5 Euros a month for TROM to support us forever - see

Currently we are working on managing our backups a bit better because it has become quite expensive to backup TB of data. We work on a new release of TROMjaro too, and more such technical stuff.

However soon we will shift gears and do more TROMcasts and hopefully either start creating new books that are already in the making, or transform them into a long-term video series. If we reach the 200 for TROM goal, then it will be all of that, and more, plus no more stress. To be able to continue to fight, while not getting rich off of it.

In the long term, like we said before, we'd like to create a decentralized sharing platform where people can share from gadgets to food and everything in between.

TROM is active, and more so when we get new supporters! :) Thank you!


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